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It's mine. You can't have it.
everyone cool is on it :gadget:

I guess in comparison it does make dA look way convoluted. Everytime I come back here it's different. It's like deviantART is Facebook and Tumblr is Twitter, except Twitter is cool.

Guys, remember deviantART subscriptions?


My tablet died! It was about 6 years old, though, which is probably like 90 in tablet years.

I'm looking at new ones similarly sized tablets are still more expensive than I'd like. My old tablet was about 10" measured diagonally.

How are smaller tablets like the Bamboo line? The Bamboo Pen is only $70, which appeals to me, but it looks so small. Is it cramping or annoying to use for drawing?

I'm not really a heavy user anymore, but I do like to doodle in Flash, so I don't feel like dropping $200 on a new state of the art tablet if a Bamboo will be good enough.

Anyone have any experiences to share?
Every month you subscribe, you get to straight-up delete 5 comments you've left anywhere on the website. The comments would all be easily searchable.

Wishful thinking....
Which song is more inspirational?

Rocky's "Eye of the Tiger"…


Mulan's "I'll Make a Man out of You"…
When does a "brb" become a "bbl"?

a: 10+ minutes
b: 20+ minutes
c: 30+ minutes
d: 1+ hours
e: 3 days

imho it's b, but idk



EDIT:… democracy in action
I think my computer might be able to run Bejewled...
Welcome to finals week.…